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1987 - 2008


Few horses have blessed as many lives as Quincy has at Fox Run Farm.  So, it is with  hearts filled with gratitude that we say good-bye to this dear equine soul.  Sadly, Quincy died on 4-14-08 due to colic complications.  He was 21 years young. 

I bought Quincy in Quincy, Michigan, my home town, as a yearling.  He was special from the start.  With a quiet, giving nature, he won the hearts of everyone who knew or rode him.  In his younger days, he was shown in everything from fun shows to eventing.  Despite his relatively small stature (he was about 15.1), he loved to jump and went from a quiet, unassuming horse on the flat to a perky, VERY happy jumper over fences! 

Quincy wore many hats at Fox Run Farm.  He taughts hundreds of people to ride - young people, old people and everyone in between.  He was ridden in countless shows, events, camps, clinics and loved to go to Wranglers on trails.  He was a demonstration horse, he was a lesson horse, he was a pony camp horse, he was the horse who we rode with a piece of twine to go out and round up the other horses.  But people will most probably remember him best as a teacher extraordinaire.  Quincy was famous as a school horse.  He was known as the 'tattle tale' and would let you know if you did not have perfectly soft and quiet hands.  Students took great pride in being able to ride him 'round' and he was the measure of one's ability to use seat and hands correctly.  He  humbled many a person who came to the farm to ride the 'fancier' horses and who were required to master him first.

Perhaps Quincy's best gift was his unfailing patience and ability to instill confidence in all riders. He was dependable, unflappable, quiet, correct, obedient and loving.  He was a gentleman at all times and had an enormous fan club.  For timid riders, beginner riders, riders who wanted to learn dressage or to jump, riders who needed to move up or who just wanted to love on a horse in a quiet moment, Quincy was the one we could count on.  

I will miss Quincy for many reasons and it may sound funny, but he was a friend, and a good one at that.  God allowed me to share his life for 20 years.  He was a good listener and a dependable partner.  He was happy all the time.  I can see his face now sticking out of his stall, ears up.  We shared many quiet moments and I appreciate all he gave to this farm and often told him so.  He had a great sense of humor. I would let him out in the yard to graze and he would often sneak in the tack room to steal treats or show up with his face looking in the window over the porch.  He was always pleasant, never complained, and had the patience of Job; he was the kindest horse I ever knew.  If everyone had the traits of Quincy, the world would be a better place.  And I believe that our horse world is a better place for those who knew and rode Quincy.

If you have a horse story you would like to share about Quincy, please email me at elizabeth@foxrunfarm.net and I will post it for all to enjoy.   As a fitting tribute, Heather Pudil and her son Nathan have written the following poem in memory of this most wonderful horse. Thank you ~



Hoofbeats echo in the distance as Quincy wakes the day…

From slow and steady on earth to galloping on his way


Stranger’ll meet him at the gates

Greener grass for him today


He’ll remember fondly the ones he’s taught to ride

As they’ll recall with love the one who took it all in stride


If you cheated he would tell

If you behaved he would do well


Quincy the quiet one

Proud and True


He’ll keep watch over the others

Just as he always did


But bones will feel younger

As he plays in fields of hay


No more nasty weather

Or fumbling beginners ways


He’ll stand by Strangers side

And bid his friends goodbye with a twinkle in his eye..


Quincy the quiet one

Proud and true… 

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