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The Kid's Korner

We love our Fox Run Farm kids!

"NEVER underestimate the initiative,drive, determination, creativity,
sheer persistence of HORSE-CRAZY CHILDREN!"

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  Hannah &  Templeton
"Fox Run Farm is the best place I have ridden.  The teacher is great and the horses are the best!" 
Hannah - age 10

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"Fox Run Farm Pony Party is lots of fun and Fox Run Farm Pony Camp is more fun.  There are lots of horses.  My favorite horse is Quincy and Percy and Harley.  I love Fox Run Farm!"   Keely - age 8


"I think Fox Run Farm is the best!  Of course, this is the only horse farm I've been to, but I have lots of fun here.  I've made lots of friends here at Fox Run Farm and we have lots of fun.  I've learned so much I've never known before and there's a fun way of learning those things here. I have lots of fun here an I bet you would, too!" 
Courtney - age13





                                                        Mary, Payton, & Jessica 
                                                              at Fox Run Farm  




If you are a kid and want to publish a story, article, poem or picture,
e-mail Fox Run Farm at
and we will put you on this page!






                                                                   The Pony Party is lots of fun! Chrissy - age9

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