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F.R.R.I.E.N.D.S. Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2007

After a wonderful day of lessons and a relaxing �spa day�, the meeting was called to order and many new exciting projects, trips and plans were discussed. Many thanks to Bonnie for the delicious stew.

Elizabeth started the meeting out with a treasurer�s report, stating that the current balance in the account is $369.00. The possibility of a Rolex calendar as a fund raiser was discussed with Payton, Mary and Shelly checking on costs to be reported at the next meeting. Heather will be preparing the next newsletter and will be contacting members for article ideas and pictures.

Several Shows, Clinics and Camps were put on the book and are as follows:

March 17th�Video Clinic. Lessons to be held in the morning with the video assessments in the afternoon

Saturday, May 12th�Mayfest, which this year will be dressage only

Saturday/Sunday October 20-21�Oktober Fest which will include jumping and dressage.

It was decided that Ed Rothkranz would asked to be the judge for both shows.

Musical Kurs will continue to be judged by �popular vote� but will be moved to the lunch break instead of at the end of the show.

Saturday November 3rd�Hunter Pace which will be run/organized by the FRRIENDS Kids.

Thanksgiving weekend�Adult Camp

The possibility of End of Year Awards was put upon the table with Elizabeth, Jenny and Marie volunteering to select several options to present to the club at the next meeting.

Several very exciting trip options were talked about, with Dressage at Devon being at the top of the list. Bonnie, Jenny and Marie are to check on air fare, van, ticket, and housing prices and will report at the next meeting. Also, a possible trip to a KDA show, Ed Rothkranz�s farm or other events at the Horse Park are also on the �want to go� list to be checked out.

March 31st is tentatively set as our first work date.

Saturday February 10th will be the next FRRIENDS meeting. It will be from 6-9 and will be a video nite/potluck. Everyone call a friend and get as many as possible to come as this meeting will also be to continue planning the year�s events as well as work days.

~Submitted by Jenny Wood


This month�s meeting was again full of wonderful ideas, plans and good fellowship. 10 members attended. Many thanks go out to Bonnie for the DELICIOUS meal. Everyone enjoyed it so much!

Continued plans for Devon were discussed, with airfare quotes given and Ed was chosen to look into van rental costs while Elizabeth will check hotel costs. Anyone interested in going on this trip should contact Elizabeth so she�ll know how many to plan for.

Possible �Ed Clinics� will be April 15th or May 5th, according to his calendar. It will be posted on the website once the day is confirmed. Due to the interest and popularity of his clinics, lesson scheduling will be assigned on a first come/first served basis, when lesson fees are received. Times for lessons will be posted on the Fox Run Website.

For those attending Rolex with the Fox Run Group, your deposit is due April first.

Plans for enlarging the parking area adjacent to the barn was discussed with the possibility of FRRIENDS paying for part of the gravel. Elizabeth will be getting quotes to be presented at the next meeting.

Several upcoming events were discussed with some dates changing. They are as follows:

March 16th�Pony Party! 6:00 pm with a fun night planned. Pizza will be served, with games played and lots of horsey talk as well. The cost: $10.00

March 31st�Workday for Mayfest show

March 31st�FFRIENDS meeting after workday at 6:00 pm

April 1st�Rolex Trip Deposit due

May 1st�Sponsorship money for Mayfest is due with only 8 weeks until the show. Ad costs are : Business Card: $10.00; � Page: $20.00; � Page: $35.00; Full Page: $60.00. It is hoped that everyone will get at least one sponsor, more is even better.

June 13-17�Pony Camp, costs etc. will be posted on the website soon

July 10-15�Pony Event Camp, costs etc will be posted on the website as well.

November 2,3,4�Adult Camp Cost:$100 with Deposit of $50.00 due by Oktoberfest. This Camp will be limited to stall space so everyone is advised to get their request in early.

November 10�Hunter Pace with Junior FRRIENDS in charge.

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