Fox Run Horses & Critters


QUINCY is our resident school horse supreme. A bay Quarter Horse gelding with a crooked stripe down his face, he is famous for his teaching ability. Known fondly as the 'Tattle-Tale,' Quincy will develop a set of hands on any rider! His patience, wonderful attitude and laid-back personality allow him to teach both beginner and more advanced students. He loves to be doted on and he certainly deserves it!

MY DOMINIQUE, more affectionately known as DOC, is the resident dressage king. Doc is a sturdy little bay Rhinelander who has a classic amount of 'swing'. He has a wonderful sense of humor and royal talent. His grandpa was an Olympian and his pappa was famous for both his dressage and jumping ability. Not one to put out any extra effort, he prefers the centerline to any stadium fence!

RICKEY is horse with an accent at Fox Run Farm. Imported from Australia in June 2002, he is a crackerjack event horse. He's a tough little bay cross country machine but is a beautiful mover and is learning to love dressage - imagine that! With a wicked sense of humor and speed to match, plans are for Rickey (show name is Godspeed) and Elizabeth tooling around a three day course soon!

In Memoriam ~ HELLO STRANGER was the king of Fox Run Farm. "Stranger" was a 23 year old, dark bay Thoroughbred gelding. He was 16.3 and his passion was eventing. Owned and trained by Elizabeth since he was 10, Stranger competed successfully through the Intermediate level of eventing. He had the 'Look of Eagles' and was a once-in-a-lifetime horse. He has a big fan club at Fox Run Farm, and he knew it! He was a tough, fast, brave competitor with a huge heart who loved to fly over big fences across country. And despite his penchant for competing, he still managed to be the ultimate gentleman at the farm, making him everybody's favorite.  After Stranger retired, he taught riders for a living. But he was never happier than when he was running, either over a cross country course or out-running all the horses in his pasture at home.  Stranger sadly passed away in June 2006.  He is truly missed but will always be remembered.

~ PUPS ~

JODI DANZIG - not of the equine varitey but can outrun a racehorse! Jodi is the resident coarse-hair Jack Russell who is famous for her 'spinning' ways. Happy beyond measure, she considers it her job to race around the arena at breakneck speed the entire time Elizabeth is schooling her horses. White with a patch of color over her left eye, she can most often be found entertaining herself in her 'puppy pool' in the barn by splashing water in the air to bite and bark at.

ROO KANGA - affectionately known as "Roo" is a blue merle Australian Shepherd. She loves everyone - people and animals alike, but loves to dote mainly on the cats, with whom she is fascinated. She is as smart as a whip and as fast as lightning around the farm, but is happiest when carting around, playing with or cuddling her feline friends.  Roo is a loving soul who is patient enough to put up with everything from pats and kisses from little children to tolerating the psychosis of her 'sister' Jodi!

In Memoriam ~ CASEY - our beloved Golden Retriever passed away in August 2004. Casey was a real sweetheart and was a wonderful, loving patron to dogs and cats alike at Fox Run Farm. He loved everyone and everything, but nothing more than chasing a stick - endlessly! He will be truly missed.

We may even qualify as a cat-farm! Our feline friends include Howie (the Cat King), Maggie May (the Queen herself), Gracie, Pandora, Cooper, momma Kanga and newest edition Gradylyn. We must say our three cat shelves, where feline dinners are served, are famous for funny poses and cat forays!