Glory Outreach

~ Glory Outreach ~

The Glory Outreach Program was formed by Fox Run Farm owner Elizabeth Englert.  Glory Outreach is provides relief and education for children and families in the bush country of Jamaica.  It is an international, non-denominational Christian-based program that provides a way for us to share with others less fortunate than ourselves those blessings which God has bestowed upon us.

Students and friends of Fox Run Farm have been instrumental in supporting Glory Outreach and have made a difference in many, many lives. They have given their time and talents by sponsoring Jamaican children in school, donating clothes, shoes, medical supplies and many other items, and packing supplies to be shipped to Jamaica. 

If you are interested in sharing your blessings and helping others, please go to the Glory Outreach web-site at Glory Outreach You may support a Jamaican school child for $200 per year or contribute in other ways, to include prayer.  May God bless you for your help!